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After my first trial of constructing the reasonable understandable presentation I gave up and started writing down my ideas. It is all very very messy and I want to present my idea in a clear way, so I started writing down how each sheet should look like. I also wanna attach a few hand drawings and collages. Im presenting my written plan in here.


Format: A3 printed sheets with elements of hand collages, drawings and project 2A attached as a reference.

Final autcome: proposal of wrongly interpreted, wrongly reconstructed Barbican in the future – CAD, sketchup models


Sketchy sheets

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This week I looked at everything Ive done so far in visual softwares and organized the work, planned the first presentation sheets. Work in progress.

Trip 3: Futuristic Architecture of Madrid

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These are the buildings I chose to present the futuristic side of Madrid: